About Mr E

Welcome to my website. So you want to know about me?

I was born in 1987, I played for a football team as a kid and I played musical instruments, then I became a rebel and starting rapping for fun at the age of 14, designing websites and gaming, learning to produce music in my 20’s and now still doing the same thing. Oh and I’m a 420 kind of guy if you know you know, haters might hate but it helps my creativity and positivity. Fuck the haters.

So I run a few websites online, one of them is related to gaming and my community and it’s been online since around 2015 www.zxgaming.co.uk

The other one is related to my music (I used to have two sites, one with someone else but it’s history now) and also a sort of creative BLOG – Music is at www.Ian-E.co.uk

Now I do URBEX content for this channel, and it’s doing better as a mixture of music and video and exploring! People know me from youtube live stream chats. I contain a mixed personality with a passion for whatever has my interest currently. I don’t idolize anyone in particular but I do have some inspirations.

I work full time, but I had a period of unemployment during covid and the aftermath, I am just starting to get back on my feet. Anyways if you wish to contact me, go to my other site xD

Life is short.

Thanks for reading this. Keep it real..

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